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Welcome! Ms. Chan Chee and Ms. Newcomb here. We are two future educators who attend SUNY Cortland that wanted to further delve into a topic that we think will affect our future students: Discrimination in Dating Apps. Dating Apps are such a commonality now, especially for the younger generation, that we wanted to create a space where teachers could discuss the implications of the racial biases that are woven into these platforms, and how to discuss them in a classroom setting. The purpose of this website is to provide a space where students and teachers can learn about the variety of different dating apps that exist. We want to create awareness of how these apps can be harmful to minority groups, and give resources to apps that have been deemed safer for these groups. On this site, you will find a blog meant for open conversations / opinions, lesson plan ideas, and other resources designed to benefit future teachers and students. We hope you can get something useful out of this site!

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