Lesson Plans

Here you will find some different lesson plan ideas to assist you in teaching about discrimination on dating apps in the classroom!

Lesson Plan 1:

Time: 43 Min

  • 3 Min: Video on dating applications
  • link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nKwiPJSsJg
  •  20 Min: Speed dating activity 
  • How many dating apps are you familiar with? How might they vary?
  • Have you ever experienced/heard of racism on dating apps? 
  • Have you had the choice to exclude a minority group when choosing preferences for a dating app?
  • What is the problem with giving users what they want on the app based on these preferences? Is this harmful or helpful?
  • How do we prevent racism from progressing on these apps? OR How would you?
  • How does this discriminatory behavior on dating apps affect others personally?
  •  Why do you think people think it is acceptable to display this type of racism (whether they know it or not) on dating apps?
  • 5 Min: Discussion questions
  • Are there any common themes you have learned during this activity?
  • Are there any new terms you have learned?
  • Are there any emotions that come up while discussing this topic?
  • 5 Min: Wrap up activity: free write- What have you learned from this lesson?  Did you know about racism prior to this lesson? If so, list examples. If you have not, how will you be more conscious about racism in dating applications?
  • 10 Min: Think, pair, share

Lesson Plan 2:

Time: 40 Min

  • 5 Min: Write down all of the different words you associate with the word “app”. 
  • 5 Min: Share your words with your partner(s) and talk about them. 
  • 5 Min: Students with brown eyes stand in the back of the classroom and students with blue/green eyes can remain seated. 
  • 5 Min: Ask students how this is discriminatory towards a specific group of people and relate it to dating apps and how their based off of the users preference
  • 15 Min: Show statements/ aspects based on dating apps and play four corners and ask students why they chose the corners they did.
  • 5 Min: Exit ticket– Write what you have learned on a piece a paper. This could be a fact, a thought, a question, but it should be a takeaway from this lesson.