Dating Apps:

Through our research, we have compiled a list of dating apps that are resourceful when trying to find apps that fight back against algorithms that promote racism and discrimination. While these apps might not be as well known, they seem to have a better review from user experience. Here are some we have found!

  1. Coffee Meets Bagel: With this app, you only get one match a day (seems crazy right?). The idea behind this is to get users to actually review the profile, not just swipe yes or no based on looks.
  2. The League: Similar to Coffee Meets Bagel, this app gives users 3 matches a day. You also have to go through an acceptance process to even be able to use the app; AND the app will delete your account if you are inactive for over two weeks.
  3. Bumble: In this app, women are given all the power; they are the ones that get to message first. Not only can men and women look for relationships on this app, but they can also look for friendships as well, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities.
  4. Scruff: This app is designed for gay men. It is free, sort of like Tinder, but they are the first to include an option for the transgender community. They also removed the requirement of listing an ethnicity when signing up.


In this link, we envision a space where teachers can collaborate with other teachers. We want them to be able to feel comfortable to offer their own lesson plans, insights, and resources to this platform. Our goal is to create a “community” where teachers can interact together.

We have posted a first blog that introduces a few dating apps that aren’t Tinder; we want to make other teachers aware that their are other sites out there! Plus, the way these sites are set up can be a conversation starter in the classroom.